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Name That Style
What style is that?!
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Welcome to Name That Style!
(05.19.09)(no subject)
Hey, guys! :)

Does anyone know what style diskostik is using? It doesn't seem to be Flexible Squares or Smooth Sailing... I can't figure out what it is.

(11.29.07)(no subject)
★ the virgin queen
Hi there. does anyone know what style boundary is using? I think I've seen it somewhere before but I cant remember at all. Please and thank you. 
(07.12.07)(no subject)
Does anyone know what calliopealive is using? It looks default, but I don't know how she modified it. Thanks!
Hey, does anyone know what mela is using? Its been driving me crazy (-_-)o Please and thank you^^
Black and white: Two views of the world.
Any idea what layout style lillym0n uses? To me , it sort of looks like a modified Smooth Sailing or Flexible squares layout. I'm really impressed by how clean everything looks and I like the little icons that are used for lj user names and I'd like to come up with something as customized as this as soon as I get a paid account. Thanks in advance
(01.27.07) - Hmmm [[s2]the boxer]
Black and white: Two views of the world.
I was wondering if someone could name the style used on yuzurenai , it looks a little like the boxer to me but I'm not too sure.
icecream, baby soft cream
Can anyone tell me what bludgeons is using?

Thanks in advance for any help :)

*** solved thank you!***
Black and white: Two views of the world.
Can someone tell me what style was used in this journal? I want to work on a new layout and this one really struck me. Thanks in advance.
Jack Johnson
I am wondering what style lyra_c_rose is using. I thought it was Smooth Sailing but I can't figure out how to make mine look like that with all the borders and the way it has the top and bottom red parts on the entries. If it is smooth sailing, can someone point me in the right direction to find help on how to get my journal looking like that?

thanks! :)
(10.29.06)(no subject)
I would like to know how you make a custom spreadsheet like in this community? I know this isnt the "what kind of style is it" question but this is the only time other then when im working on my livejournal that i saw custom spreadsheet. thanks
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